About Us

EkoStyle  is  established in 2007 as succsessour of Producer's Cooperative "Style".

At the present we are specialized in manufacture of metal wares and woodwork. Our principal production lines include filters, aggregates, valves and other equipment intended for dusting in milling, fodder, tobacco, ceramic industries as well as for other productions that require dusting of the cycle of production and pneumatic conveyance of dustlike products. 

Our firm has been on the Bulgarian and Russian markets for over 20 years. The products bearing the PC Style trademark have proved their reliable operation, easier maintenance and efficiency of dusting. Our clients are the Slance cigarette factory in Stara Zagora, the ceramic works in the towns of Novi Pazar, Kaspichan, Isperih, Montana; the fodder factories in Targovishte, Dulovo, etc.; the flourmills in Dobrich, Eurocacao factory in Varna, cigarette factories in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yerevan, etc.

We are specialized in production of climbers for concrete and wooden poles. They are used for climbing concrete and wooden poles in companies that maintain the electric transmission network. Our clients are the subdivisions of Power Distribution PLC in the towns of Pazardjik, Pleven, Dobrich, Varna and many others. 

From the range of non-standard metal wares we manufacture non-standard equipment according to clients' documents - Devnya Cement, Devnya; Mayak Leyaren, Dobrich, etc. Our attendant activity is manufacture of bus stations, playground facilities, park benches, street containers and wastebaskets, metal doors, grilles and other products. 

PC Style also produces woodwork - one- and double-casements, glass-packages; pressed doors; non-standard custom-made kitchen furniture; wooden furniture; seats and tables for catering establishments; wooden structures, etc.

Certificate №
QS-4001 HH

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9600 Balchik
34A Cherno more Str.

GSM: + 359 888 710 725
å-mail: ekostil.b@abv.bg, nedev.g@abv.bg