The lock unit is intended for mechanical leading of duslike products from cyclone filters, cyclones, hoppers and other outfits by closing them tightly. 

This appliance is manufactured in two modifications sized 200 mm and 250 mm on the inlet and the body. 

The body and the rotor are made of cast-iron and subsequently ground to specify the sizes. The aggregate's rotor has six blades that ensure tight closing of the hole to the hopper at any movement. The product is equipped with motor-reduction gear and is actuated by a chain drive.

The motor-reduction gears are according to the purpose of the lock unit as the standard ones have gear-reduction units from 0.55 to 1 kW of power and turnovers at the outlet are from 13 to 20 tpm depending on client's order. 

In the lock unit set there is a monitoring section of Plexiglas pipe mounted 150 mm of height.