The bulk of the dust /large fragments/ settles under the influence of a cyclone effect by considerable reduction of bags' load as compared to other filter constructions.

The fine dust settles outside the bags and is blown by pulse blowout with pressurized air of 6-8 at. through the cloth's pores from the inside outwards.

There are no mechanical moving parts.

The efficiency of dust retention of fragments measuring between 10 to 15 mikrons is 99.8 - 99.9%.

High dust-loaded air capacity - 400 to 500 m3/m2/h.

Low filters resistance /at pressure of 500 mm water column/ - 80 - 100 mm water column.

It meets the requirements for operation in rooms with class of fire hazard II - IIIa, B category.

Operates at temperature ranges from -200 to +7500 C.

The bags are made of filter cloth ON 0565810-78.

The cloth is multilayer, made of fiber cotton and reinforced cloth /polyester fiber or polyester silk/. The bags' outside is smooth and facilitates dusting off. The bags' inside is fibrous and intensifies the effect of filtration.

The blowout is controlled by an electronic board-timer.

The pulse's duration for blowout of one bag may be adjusted from 80 to 200 milliseconds. The intervals between pulses are adjusted depending on dusting off in individual filters from one to three minutes.

Thanks to their high marginal permutable load CFR filters require considerably less surface, minimum operating personnel, minimum energy consumption.

The right selection of filters for each product enables maintenance of residual dust in the emitted air within the limits prescribed by the modern ecology laws.