The filter consists of two chambers. The incoming dust-loaded air enters the lower chamber tangentially, passes radially through the bags and goes out of the filter, CFR type at the upper chamber. In aspirations of high dust concentration cyclone filters are used as a set of snails mounted between the lower chamber and filter's bottom. In these cases the largest amount of dust settles on the bottom and the air containing an insignificant amount of dust passes through the bags and is cleared in the common way - CFRU type. 

There is a manhole for access to the bags in the filter's lower chamber. The bags' cleaning is accomplished percussively by means of pressurized air of 6-8 at. passing through nozzles and Ventris. The dust is blown from the filter cloths, falls on the filter's conic bottom and is carried away through a lock. 

The bags' blowout is program-operated by a control board-timer.

A timer-operated pneumatic vibrator accomplishes dusting off on the bottom.