High-pressure bag-nozzle filters, vertical /BNF-V/ and horizontal /BNF-H/, are designed for clearing of dust-loaded air in aspiration systems.

BNF-V are designed in four basic modifications of the same working but the number of bags is different /3, 6, 9, 12/, i.e. they differ in the filter surface /1, 2, 3, 4 m3/.


The filter consists of two parts - a head /item 4/ and body /item 5/. By means of a counter flange /item 10/ the body /item 5/ is mounted on the outfit to be aspirated /technological machine, hopper, silo, etc./. The dust-loaded air enters the body's lower side, goes through the bags and goes out at the stub on the head /item 4/. On both sides of the body there are doors /item 8/ for access to the bags /item 7/.

Bags' clearing is made percussively with pressurized air of 6-8 at. that passes through nozzles /item 6/. Dust is blown from the filter cloths and falls down the outfit. The bags' blowout is program-operated - three bags at the same time - by means of a control board-timer /item 10/. 

The air cleared in the filter is sucked by the fan and is emitted to the central aspiration network. 

A single round valve /KEK/ is mounted by a flexible coupling in front of the fan in order to regulate the resistance in the line before the fan